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Zamp Solar 101

How Zamp Solar Panels Work:

Panel Breakdown

Each component of our solar panels have been thoroughly thought out and selected to create the best solar panels on the market. 

  • The anti-reflective coated glass increase light transmission while also providing durable protection from harsh weather conditions, making for a more efficient panel. 
  • The anodized aluminum Omni-Mount frame removes the need to attach mounting feet at predetermined locations along the panel frame.  Instead, you can choose the best mounting location for your specific needs. 
  • Grade A monocrystalline solar cells are used in all Zamp panels to create the highest performing and most reliable solar panels possible.


Whether it is the easy view charge controller or the sturdy tilt leg, Zamp Solar has a history of innovating the best solutions to make life easier for you. At Zamp we push to find creative solutions for the problems other companies choose to ignore. 

Our roof mount solar kits feature quick connect wiring harnesses removing the need for crimpers and butt connectors when installing, simply mount your components, plug them in and you are good to go.

The leg design of our portable kits add more rigidity and are easier to use than previous leg models, making solar easier at every step.

Sizing Chart

The following chart is designed to help you decide which solar kit is right for your application. With a few simple options, sizing a solar charging system is easier than ever! Choose between a portable solar kit or a roof mounted solar kit to be sure you get the best solution for your needs.